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in hoboken. >> we believe there is. >> you believe there's body. >> in other words, the information we are hearing and i think pete williams was reporting this with the associated press that his parents are dead. >> right. >> and so that, you know, maybe it's his dad in new jersey. >> right. >> and the mom. you know? i don't know who, you know, in terms of specifics. all i know is there's a scene in hoboken, new jersey, now where they're searching the house where the suspect is from. believed to be ryan lanaza and that he went up to where his mom worked in newtown as a kindergarten teacher. >> did you have a name just now? >> from three sources is ryan l lanza. the records match. i think the age of the producer told me was 23. so, you know, we're out. we have crews on the way. mark santea and thompson heading to new jersey to the suspect's home. where we'll learn more so again this is all from one law enforcement source. it is a very good source but i just want to -- >> all right. we were listening there, again, to the chief investigative reporter with wnbc. the suspect's name at this
in custody for much of the derek being questioned in hoboken, new jersey. officials believe ryan lanza is cooperating and not believed to have been involved in the rampage. fox news has confirmed ryan lanza has a facebook page. it is active. we're not showing it here. but it lists him from newtown, connecticut, and living in hoboken. it caught our attention today when he or someone else on his behalf began leaving messages on-line via twitter about ryan lanza not being the shooter and saying his facebook page showed a man who had not done the horrible thing in connecticut. at the same time, a source telling me ryan was part of a family that lived a very quiet existence. the dad often visited ryan lanza when he was enrolled at quinn pee yack university and the two appeared to have a good relationship. but that ryan talked so little about his family that even those people who knew him for years knew very few details about them. not one picture of his family inside his college room. no mention of his brother, adam. it seemed as though ryan's parents were divorced, but few people were sure
not appropriate to do that now. >> what is happening with hoboken, new jersey, the investigation there? >> it's part and parcel of what we do. i told you we will leave no stone unturned as we look at every facet of the investigation. shooter, victims. we will look at everything. we will go in and out of state and work with the federal law enforcement, including the federal agencies if we need to, to answer every question to exactly what transpired here. a time-consuming process but we'll get it done. >> one shooter? >> yes, sir. [ inaudible ] >> it was k-4. kindergarten through fourth grade. that is the school. they were all students of the school. >> all in kindergarten? >> i don't know the grade they were in. i don't know that. >> one class? >> one section, two classroo classrooms. >> i didn't find it out. sorry. [ inaudible ] that is the process. that is a good question. are there students unaccounted for? we had to ensure we accounted for every student in the school, that includes someone who was absent for day because of illness that didn't come to school. that is part of the process. no
in hoboken, new jersey, earlier today. officials had not labeled him a suspect. but he was taken away in handcuffs. his brother adam died at the scene. but police are not saying at this point if he killed himself. police did say that they did not discharge any of their weapons and yet he was dead on the scene. law enforcement sources also telling cnn that the shooter in this horrible tragedy was dressed in "black battle fatigues and a military vest." the principal of this school, dawn hucksprung, was also among the dead. a school psychologist also killed in this shooting rampage. in a meeting at the time the shooting began. the children were led away from the school this morning shortly after the first 911 calls came in that began at 9:40 this morning just after school had begun. those shootings occurred in one section of the school concentrated in one area, specifically two rooms in an area of the school. as the nation tuned in, only to see detail after detail get worse, it is a nation in mourning. and tonight there is a vigil outside the white house. the president, president obama,
in hoboken in new jersey and handcuffed. officials did not label him a suspect. the gunman's father also questioned in relation to what happened here today, and tonight, a nation in mourning. candle-light vigils held in newtown and across the country. also one just outside the without in washington, d.c. earlier today, president obama ordered flags half staff nationwide for the victims of the tragedy. in an emotional address, he said this to the nation. >> i know there is not a parent in america who doesn't feel the same overwhelming grief that i do. the majority of those who died today were children. beautiful little kids between the ages of 5 and 10 years old. they had their entire lives ahead of them. birthdays, graduations, weddings. kids of their own. >> an extraordinarily emotional president obama earlier today. obviously, so many questions that are emerging after what happened today. a virtual massacre of little, tinny children, and the weapons that were used, nothing short of terrifying. susan candiotti following this today. three different weapons found in different places, very
son used legally. the police in hoboken took the killer's older brother in for questioning. they do not label him a suspect and no word of why he is in custody. let's start at the beginning. >> the connecticut school district on lockdown. >> the first word was chilling and it got worse. >> multiple fatalities involved in the shooting at the elementary school. >> with each new report the horror deepened. >> the reports say the number of dead closer to 30 than to 20 and sadly most of them are children. >> every detail and every fact brought more sadness. each fresh piece of information a part of the picture. a school, kindergarten through fourth grade, a sanctuary that was supposed to be a place of safety torn apart. >> she heard the intercom come on the school and heard a scream and heard a gunshot. two gunshots. then the school went into lockdown. >> a student's teenage big brother describing the sounds of gunmen on the loose at sandy hook. >> on and off duty troopers responded and with newtown police immediately upon arrival entered the school and began a complete shooter's search
in hoboken, new jersey, earlier tonight. he was taken into custody for questioning because of the shooting involving his brother. police do not believe the older brother, ryan lanza, had anything to do with the shooting. they say he has been extremely cooperative. >> this girl grew up with the suspect. >> old mill when i found out this was up seven. i have known him since first grade. i was-found this upsetting. i never noticed anything scary. we got-grew up together. it was of setting. for somebody that one another reader, and to catch themselves would not think of something as doing something crazy like this is flying under-the you--radar. >> also, the suspect's mother and father were divorced. dan kerman, kron 4. >> the older brother in the connecticut shooting is out of police custody. he was quietly moved out of the police station in hoboken, new jersey. he was taken into custody for questioning because of the elementary school shooting involving his brother. they do not believe that the older brother, has anything to do with the shooting. he has been extremely cooperative. >>pam: his
recover. as a parent i don't know how you recover. >>> coming up. you are looking at hoboken, new jersey the home. brother ryan lanza and plus word is breaking about the shooter's mental condition. we have the details and stay with us. for the continuing develop ams as they come in the fox news channel. 18 children pronounced dead at the school and two pronounced dead at the hospitals and six adults pronounced dead at the school. the shooter is deceased in the school. >>> police try to peace together what made 20 year old adam lanza open fire in a connecticut school today his 24 year old brother ryan is in police custody being questioned at this hour. they are outside of the apartment in hoboken, new jersey. what is the latest that you are hearing? >>> just during the commercial break they wrapped up the police tape and it is generally a quiet scene behind me and a very different scene here and part of that confusion likely stemmed from the fact that ryan lanza id was found on adam lanza. you mentioned that he is speaking with police. that is the case. he is not considered a suspect neit
is on the way to hoboken, new jersey. police searching his home. what you can tell us today? >> good morning, heather. we are actually here on scene. it is very quiet now just after 10:00 last night we did watch as cops rolled up. police tape wrapped around that building. that is of course where the brother lives with two other people we're told. streets in the neighborhood were blocked off earlier yesterday. the fbi and hoboken police on scene. residents saying that a bomb squad was going through the hallways of their building. a federal source tells us yesterday ryan lanza rolled up police surrounding the building handcuffed and taken away. confusion over the identity of the actual shooter because adam was carrying ryan's i.d. all sorts of rumors flying there. were reports that someone was possibly dead inside, maybe even the father peter lanza. fbi source saying he is alive and was questioned yesterday. peter lanza and the boy's mother are divorced. peter we married we're told and lives in stanford, connecticut and heather, the fbi saying that the brother and father have been cleared and
being taken in to custody today in hoboken. the 24-year-old ryan lanza is not charged with anything. at this point he is being questioned. >> there's a related scene that we discovered as we were continuing the criminal investigation. >> i ask god, our father, to console all of those who mourn and sustain the community with the spiritual strength that triumphs over violence by the power of forgiveness, hope and reconciling love. >> this was the second deadliest school shooting in american history. 20 young children lost their lives, ages 5 to 10. while the rest of their classmates were robbed of their innocence after witnessing this tragedy, these parents will forever be mourning. i want to introduce you to michelle. she used to work at a day care center and watch maryland of the children in the school at the time of the shooting. how did you find out what was happening today? >> earlier this afternoon i contacted a family that i have kept in touch with for many years and i asked if they were okay and he said they were home safe and sound but to pray for those who were so unfortunat
in hoboken, new jersey, last night, which for a while was treated as the scene of a crime. tell us what was going on in hoboken. >> reporter: you know, ali, it was so interesting, for much of yesterday, hoboken, the street was abuzz with activity. hoboken city police, jersey city police, bomb squad representatives and the fbi. the reason was they were going into the apartment of ryan lanza who is the brother of the shooter, the suspected shooter adam lanza. apparently adam had his brother's i.d. on him when he went into the school and conducted the shooting. so authorities went right to ryan's apartment in hoboken, took him into custody briefly for questioning also questioned some friends who may have lived with him there. it was just a confusing situation. they removed some materials from that apartment trying to piece together exactly what happened. as the night wore on, the police presence became less and less, i think as they gathered more information and realized that may not have been the center of their interests, shall we say going forward. i'm standing in front of ali, also i s
of life for local residents. unfortunately, hoboken is one of them are devastated municipalities in the region and no mayor can appreciate what you and your city council and citizens have been going through and we just offer you our best in this affair. mr. jim keane has been the state director of the new york small business development and are now part since 1994. he oversees 23 regional centers, 35 outreach centers that serve 35,000 small businesses each year. all of your experience, mr. king, will most certainly be called on it tested for the job ahead of you. mr. kevin law is one of the most respected business organizations in new york. the long island economy is made up of over 100,000 businesses, 90% complete 20 people or less. bit with look forward to hearing directly from you about what your business is their same come, many struggling to recover and how we can be as helpful as possible. mayor, let us start with you and again, hearts go out to the people that you've lost and are devastated, but were going to stay with you for the long haul, long road ahead. [inaudible] >>
unfortunately. so real. mary, stand by. adam reece is in hoboken, new jersey across the river from new york city. he is joining us. what's the connection, explain to the viewers the connection between what happened in newtown, connecticut and what's going on in hoboken, new jersey right now. >> wolf, we believe the shooter may have lived here. this may be the location where he may have set out from this morning to head up to newtown, connecticut. police tell us they have in custody two people who may have been roommates of his. they are being questioned. they do not believe they were involved in the shooting. fbi and local police and a lom squad have been here for most of the afternoon. fbi agents went back into the building. it's a five-story building and has two halves to it. three bedrooms inside. it's a rental and i talked to several residents here who live in the building and nearby. none of them know the shooter, alleged shooter or his brother who may have lived here. they have seen pictures in news reports. the pictures do not look familiar to them. you may know that hoboken is a waterfro
into the path stations at exchange place in hoboken a the hoboken station may still not be reopened for weeks. so, mrchairman, that's one dimension on transportation. we lost thousands of homes. we have thousands of people who are out of a home. i'm not talking about a second home. many people think about the new jersey shore and they think that's about second homes. no, these are year-round communities where people have made their lives and their investments and now seen it wra washed away. they don't have a place to come back home to. th's why it's critically important, the work of this committee and to ask our colleagues as we have stood with the people of the gulf coast and hurricane katrina and in florida, the people of joplin, missouri after a tornado ravaged their community, when the mississippi flooded, when crops were destroyed in the midwest, we have been there. since this is the united states of america, we need you to be with us. >> thank you very much, senator menendez. senator gillibrand, relatively new here, but in real fighting form whenever it comes to the needs of ourregion
in for questioning in hoboken, sort of voluntarily -- not taken into custody. that's where we have anna coyman, standing by live. what you can tell me about the brother and the questioning? >> reporter: we are standing in front of his home, 24-year-old ryan, the brother of the alleged shooter. i can actual, less than an hour ago, police rolled up their tape. it had been blocking the entrance of the building, which was surrounded earlier this afternoon. we hear from a reliable federal source that when police were surrounding the area, earlier this afternoon, ryan and his girlfriend showed up. that's when they realized everything that was going on. he was handcuffed. taken away. was questioned. we are hearing from the fbi that he and his father both have been released. they were very -- you know, cooperative, throughout all of this. but we are also hearing from residents here who are just really rattled by all of this. they say the bomb squad was running through their hallways today, day care in the area was on lockdown. and parents were getting email, don't worry about your kids, but this is wh
, the father of the alleged gunman and his son, ryan, age 24, who lived in hoboken, new jersey. let's drop in there now in new hampshire. >> the loss we all share. our hearts and prayers are with those who share in this loss. the families, teachers, staff and the students of sandy hook elementary school, the first responders and to all others touched by this tragedy. on behalf of nancy's mother and siblings, we reach out to the community of newtown and express our heartfelt sorrow for the incomprehensible and profound loss of innocents that has affected so many. the family requests that you respect their privacy during this time of anguish and loss. thank you very much. >> are there any questions, like i said, there is not an awful lot we can answer. >> talk about the f.b.i. and other authorities being -- >> the only thing i can tell you is that law enforcement generally obviously volunteered any assistance to connecticut. and our responding to any requests that come out of connecticut, the requests that they're making of us and our response back to them will go through the connecticut sta
in hoboken, new jersey, took the older brother in for questioning, did not label him a suspect. no word whether he's still in custody. a lot to tell you about right now this hour. let's start at the beginning. >> individual i have on the phone is continuing to hear what he believes to be gunfire. >> reporter: the first word was chilling. it only got worse. >> they are reporting multiple fatalities involving in the shooting at the elementary school. >> reporter: with each new report, the horror deepened. >> the number of dead closer to 30 than 20, and most are children. >> reporter: every detail brought more sadness. each fresh piece of information, part of the picture. a school, kindergarten through fourth grade. a sanctuary supposed to be a place of safety, torn apart. >> she heard the intercom came on in the school and heard a scream and heard a gunshot -- two gunshots, and the school went into lockdown. >> reporter: a student, teenage big brother described the sound. >> newtown police, immediately upon arrival entered the school and began a complete active shooter search of the build
was taken into custody in hoboken where he lives, and did suggest to police there was a history of mental health issues. >> that is what we hear, we just don't have confirmation on that yet. >> reporter: and what do we know about nancy lanza? >> the neighbors, we spoke to them. they say she was just a loving person, somebody they really enjoyed. she was a fun person, they're just stunned. >> reporter: there is no way to put into words how a community reacts to something like that. but you know this town, you know the people. as i said you have been spending the day here talking to folks. is there anything that you could even say to try to help us to understand what it is like to be a resident here? >> well, i don't live in newtown. i live in a similar community. and i think what we're seeing around connecticut is -- and around the country is people reacting with shock and horror to what has happened. and then, deciding that they want to try to do something to help. whether that be offer a prayer, attend a vigil. offer a hot meal. we don't know the names of these people yet. but there is a
hill are fighting now for capital aid. we'll hear from the hoboken mayor. >>> ted turner has this to say about the conflict in the middle east. >> the big, intelligent, well-educated countries have already quit war. you don't see france going to war with germany or russia going to war with poland. that used to happen all the times, but it's not happening. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] everyone deserves the gift of all day pain relief. this season, discover aleve. all day pain relief with just two pills. ♪ hark how the bells, sweet silver bells ♪ ♪ all seem to say throw care away ♪ ♪ from everywhere, filling the air ♪ [ female announcer ] chex party mix. easy 15-minute homemade recipes you just pop in a microwave. like caramel chocolate drizzles. happier holidays. chex party mix. [ engine revs ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] the mercedes-benz winter event is back, with the perfect vehicle that's just right for you, no matter which list you're on. [ santa ] ho, ho, ho, ho! [ male announcer ] lease a 2013 c250 for $349 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. someth
shooter, was found dead in the residential location, near searched in hoboken, new jersey, across the river from new york city. in addition, the mother of the alleged shooter was found dead in the elementary school. the father who was divorced from lanza's mother lives elsewhere in connecticut. the official said. the official declined to provide further details. so, john, now we're learning not only was the mother found dead, as you've been reporting inside the small elementary school, the sandy hook elementary school, and many of the children were who were killed were in her classroom, she was a teacher at this school, but the brother of the alleged shooter was found dead in a residential location in hoboken, new jersey. this has been obviously very, very off, even more awful than you can imagine. >> and you were speaking, wolf, i'm sorry, a short time ago to the school security expert who predicted something similar to this, said as more details emerge, you're likely to find a profile of somebody who was having a very troubled issues in his or her family life. now we know the sh
the impact that hurricane sandy has had on small business. we will hear from the mayor of hoboken new jersey and officials from the small business administration. the senate's small business committee hearing is an hour and 45 minutes. >> good morning. thank you all for joining us today to discuss the small business administration's response to hurricane sandy. the president's recent supplemental request and this and state and local small business recovery efforts and the impacted regions. i would like to thank our witnesses that will be testifying in just a moment and i will and should use them in just a moment. let me make a couple of brief opening statements. we are here today to evaluate the response and recovery efforts in the aftermath of hurricane sandy, which struck the northeastern united states on october 29, the largest sized storm in u.s. history. hurricane sandy claimed the lives of 132 americans, damaging and destroying more than 651,000 homes and 459,000 businesses. leaving more than a .5 million families without power, heat or running water. most of the water and electricity
in newtown, connecticut. a search warrant is being conducted in hoboken, new jersey. that's where he lived. we know that shortly after 9:30 this morning, walked in to the mother's kindergarten classroom and opened fire. he killed her an he also killed at least 18 children. that's the latest. we'll continue right now. "the cycle" will pick things up from here. >>> 3:00 here in new york. five hours and 90 miles from the mass shooting. we have been following it for you throughout the day ones ms. speaking of newtown, population 27,000, reeling this afternoon along with a stunned nation, after a gunman opened fire just after the start of class this morning. federal sources say he was 24 years old with two guns and shot dead. the suspect reportedly from hoboken made the hour or so trip up north to sanly hook elementary school where his mother taught kindergarten. we're hearing that victims were found inside the kindergarten classroom and inside the principal's office. new jersey governor chris christie expected to speak momentarily about the suspect. connecticut's governor up live this hour, a
are questioning the suspect's brother uin hoboken new jersey. polcie saying the brother is being very cooperative, and says he has not been in touch with his brother in recent years. a visibly shaken president obama addressed the nation this afternoon. it was >>catherine: of sometimes difficult for him to get through his statement. he says he's reacting tonight - not as a president - but as a parent. here's what he said. >> we have endured too many of these tragedies in the past few years and each time i hear the i reacted not as if president, but as anybody else would, as a parent. that was especially true today. i know there is not a parent in america who does not feel the same overwhelming grief that i do. the majority of those that died today were children. beautiful, little kids between five and 10 years old. they had their entire lives ahead of them. birthdays, graduations. weddings. kids of their own. iman the fall and were also teachers-among-the fallen where teachers. our hearts are broken today for the parents and the grandparents, sisters, brothers of these little children. and for th
years ago and divorced in 2009. and that left ryan, the son who now lives in hoboken, new jersey, and it left nancy and adam living in the house. nancy worked in finance in boston, and here in connecticut. she recently stopped working, which is interesting. we don't know whether she was retiring from working or spending time at home. but she did seem to confide with friends that she wanted to take care of adam. so they lived in this house until friday morning. and we spoke to residents around here. it is a very quiet neighborhood. all the lights are from cameras. big houses, we spoke to one neighbor who said they seemed quite normal, listen. >> they were a quiet, seemingly friendly people, i don't think people in this neighborhood really knew them too well. >> reporter: we also spoke -- that is a young man whose mother we also spoke to said look, nancy was into gardening. she had -- you know, they were not all that social with their neighbors, but they didn't know if they had a social circle outside of here. and that is the story, not a lot of information. this area, they asked r
. computer and phone records are searched and fbi and hoboken police were investigating and running through the hallways. >> in the back of your head what could have possibly happened? there's hundreds and hundreds of things, and you know, you're just shook, you can't help it. you know, hug your own children you know, a little, a little more at night when you pick them up. it's an awful story. >> the fbi telling both brother and father are of cleared. and peter is remarried and the home, it's unclear if they're inside. and nancy the mother has no connection with the sandy hook elementary, but adam could have gone there at one point. and father has been estranged from dad from him for years and he had asperger's, he was a loner and socially awkward. >> jamie: appreciate the facts on that, but we're not going to speculate or say that any of those descriptions of the suspect did in any way could be a motive or a cause for him to act in this way. >> right. >> thanks, anna, a great part of that story, thanks. >> rick: while the entire country comes to gripts with newtown, connecticut we're getti
, following so many leads now. they were talking to adam lanza's father and also his brother, i was in hoboken, new jersey, friday night because police had taken in his brother, ryan lanza, for questioning. that was a curious thing as it was happening. what are we hearing at this point from them? do we know? >> the older brother has not issued a statement on his own as of yet. we know he was questioned, as you said. this is what we know, according to our sources. that he told investigators that his younger brother had autism. that's all we know. but certainly, that's not an explanation. no one is saying that it is or even providing any kind of a motive or connection to what happened here. of course, authorities are looking at everything as they look at profiles. but we also, as you indicated, have heard now, we got a statement last night from the suspect's father and he issued this statement which reads in part, "our family is grieving along with all those who have been affected by this enormous tragedy. we are in a state of disbelief and trying to find whatever answers we can. we, too, are as
in this at all but he is alive. someone is dead in hoboken, new jersey, and now we hear the girlfriend of ryan lanza is missing to add another twist to this. >>neil: thank you, trace. also, correcting something i said earlier, there were semi automatic weapons found at the scene, not automatic weapons. that was high dad and they wrote it that way and i said automatic but they were semi-automatic weapons so my apologies. what do we make of that? >>guest: it is a very common misnomer because the semi-automatics are so fast we are cutting hairs. we are talking about two assault rifles, bra -- brutal weapons. he was loaded for mass killing. he was very successful. >>neil: this was clearly in your eyes premeditateed, preexamined, prein the out. >>guest: well-thought-out to make certain he had the bullet-proof vest on, on the outside chance as we talked at the homicide in the mall in oregon, that one could be armed that could shoot at him the he wanted to protect himself so he could finish this bizarre twisted mission. that is serious weapons he brought in. >>neil: in some of the school incidents i
was taken into custody in hoboken, new jersey. he is not believed to be involved in if the shooting. he has not been in touch for his brother with two years. reporters spoke with a woman that grew up with the suspect. >> finding out that it was somebody that i knew that had ultimately done all of this was upsetting. you cannot i imagined it would happen. i have known him since first grade. he was reserved, quiet. i never noticed anything scary, violent or anything like that. i would have never suspected anything like that i think. someone that went under the radar and cut themselves. you would never think that he would do something crazy like this. the -- kept to itself. >> the father also was interviewed-half they have been divorced. and as this investigation continues law enforcement will continue to provide more details. >> de dan kerman. for a better idea of exactly where all of this took place. grant lodes has more. return to index of memorial mass was held tonight in memory of the victims of today's elementary school shooting. families gathered to mourn at the saint rose of lima roman
you recover. >>> coming up. you are looking at hoboken, new jersey the home. brother ryan lanza and plus word is breaking about the shooter's mental condition. we have the details and stay with us. for the continuing develop ams as they come in the fox news channel. ♪ ♪ [ engine revs ] ♪ [ male announcer ] oh what fun it is to ride. get the mercedes-benz on your wish list at the winter event going on now through december 31st. [ santa ] ho, ho, ho! [ male announcer ] lease a 2013 e350 for $579 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] while you're getting ready for the holidays, we're getting ready for you. tis the season. for food, for family, and now, something extra -- for you. 18 children pronounced dead at the school and two pronounced dead at the hospitals and six adults pronounced dead at the school. the shooter is deceased in the school. >>> police try to peace together what made 20 year old adam lanza open fire in a connecticut school today his 24 year old brother ryan is in police custody being questioned at this hour. they are outsid
in the school that said ryan lanza people thought that was the shooter when in fact his brother was in hoboken at work. his brother said he was autistic or had as berger's spectrum. very high functioning, in fact, he has been described as a genius. he has been described as an honors student. he has been described as kind of a tech geek, a computer nerd. >> a gamer. >> a gamer. >> technology, having game parties. a picture of him is emerging. very confused because some people describe him as remote. it's maybe hard to get a handle on exactly what his personality issue was. >> you know what? and there was the -- you know, the misinformation that it was ryan lands but according to the "new york times" today talked about how the brothers had not spoken or seen each other in a couple of years. last saw his brother in 2010. i don't know how much good information is he going to get about the shooter from the brother who lives in hoboken. >> divorced officially in 2009. separated in 2008. the parents where the mom is living in newtown and the dad is living in new jersey. >> and of course he killed his
and improving the quality of life for local residents. hoboken is one of the more devastated municipalities and regions. i know they can appreciate what you and your city council and citizens have been going through. let me offer you our best in this effort. mr. king has been the state director of the new york small business development center. he oversees 24 regional centers, 35 outbreaks centers. all of your experience must certainly be called bond at tested for the job that is ahead of you. the president and ceo of long island association, one of the most respected organizations in new york. he long island economy is made up of businesses, 90% employ 20 people or less. we are interested in what your businesses are saying, how we can be as helpful as possible. businesses,our hearts go out te that you have lost and the devastation. make sure that your buttons are pressed and you're speaking directly into the microphone. >> good morning, committee members. it is a privilege and honor to be here today. hoboken is located just across the river from new york city and is the home of frank sinat
a much longer, hardy was, and expensive experience. you can see why, from this picture at the hoboken have station. it's hard to believe the water was 6 feet high -- at the hoboken path statino. this is a classical station. we will talk about that. what do we do? do we just repair things? limited transit and access to york, some in new jersey suburb multi-hour commute two and three times the usual costs. there were reports of endless traffic. in case you were not aware, heavy traffic before this is just magnified by the problem we already had. demonstrate transportation system had severe economic impact. the prime example, the largest port on the east coast that supports more than 550,000 jobs in the region. because of the extensive flooding, dangerous debris, damage to electrical systems, the port was largely shut down, nearly driving commerce to a halt. this has a nationwide impact on millions of people throughout the country to ride on our rails and they also felt the effects of zande while they work to get the system was running again. they cannot do it all on their own. something
to hoboken, new jersey, where they actually picked up adam lanza, the gunman's brother. they took him in for questioning. it turns out he is ryan lanza. he told police that it was very possible that his brother was actually carrying his id on him today. no idea why. but that's something that they determined. they've also determined that that brother to their satisfaction did not know about this potential attack or had no part in it. so at this point, he is not being considered a suspect. other information that we're learning also, nbc's pete williams reported earlier that the guns used in this attack were registered to adam lanza's mother and were legally purchased apparently. and we have also learned originally it was believed she is a kindergarten teacher here at the school, it was believed she was killed in her classroom at the school. we also learned that there was a separate crime scene not far from the school, a home where a person was found dead. we have now learned that the person found dead at that home was indeed adam lanza's mother. and then he came here to the school and c
and hoboken terminal, facilities that the fta had just but hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars in and sustain extraordinary damage -- our staff knows those facilities and knows what would in them. we work with the very same staff. rather than now have fema staff go into that relation on the rebuilding, we think there is a lot of efficiency to the taxpayer to have the fta still involved in that in a way that, as one transit grantee put it, we like having you here because you speak transit. we will save time and money because you do. >> finally, let me go back to a comment you made in your oral testimony about having the resources necessary to understand and rely upon so that a community or individual or business can make and inform -- an informed decision depending upon and relying upon that decision will be funded at the end of the day. what is the consequences of not having the resources under which you would make those decisions? >> the consequences basically are that the recovery will take longer as you wait longer. it becomes more expensive. that is why it is critical -- we
than that there was little information about adam here in hoboken. >> thank you. >> coming up. it took only minutes for the killer to gun down 20 children and 6 adults. our live coverage in connecticut continues, that's >> unthinkable tragedy unfolded. breaking news to tell you right now. there are reports of a school shoot nothing newtown, connecticut. this is it in the sandy hook elementary school. >> state police responded to the report of the a shooting in sandy hook elementary school. which we now understand is kindergarten through fourth grade. >> this is reported. ape dispatcher said that one teacher has been transported to a nearby hospital in danbury with a gunshot wound. >> ahead of him it is difficult to see the wat them that was responding. those vehicles raced from newtown from all over the state of connecticut. >> we heard numerous reports that one gunman maybe two. and two reports said that one gunman may be dead . it is a fast-move fluid situation in the school . >> i think it is it important on a day like today to view this as i know the president, as a father does and
ryan in hoboken. police initially identified ryan as the killer unless nl she sent out tweets saying it wasn't me, i was at work all day. police are questioning wry ryian and his father at a new jersey police station and federal alths and state plus want to know why that young men was set off, what caused that and how and wen whe he accumulated such an arave weapons and ammunition. >> investigating the story, brian ross tonight. and of course, it is an incredibly somber task to talk to the families of the victims and one monsignor talked about how difficult it can be. >> the reality has set in that these 20 children are with the lord and taken too young and too innocent and we just told a little boy about his sister now, a and -- so sorry. a lot of these people are from our parish, which makes it pretty heavy for me, too, i baptized some of these children and they were getting ready for mirs communion. >> an entire community doing what it can tonight. >>> still ahead on "world news," a question american families grappling with, how to talk to children about what happened. dr. richard
was in hoboken, new jersey, when they brought him in for questioning. that's where he lives to try to find out what if anything he knew about this. what he could tell them about his brother. what information they -- he can give about his background. and police also questioned their father. he still lives in this area. he is divorced from his wife who was one of the victims here, and he has remarried. so he too is being questioned by police to try to shed some light on adam lanza and why this tragedy happened. >> thanks for that. a lot of questions are forming around the shooter's mother nancy lanza, the registered owner of the three weapons as susan told us. guns similar to these as we're showing you now, a glock revolver, a glock pistol, a sig sauer and a rifle. i'm joined by a cnn contributor. there are a lot of questions about the assault rifle first. this was legally purchased by nancy lanza, why would she need a semiautomatic? and what the laws are around acquiring one? >> well, the laws are that you could acquire it. there had been a ban in place that michigan during the clinton administ
lanza' homes but police have not released any more details. in hoboken, new jersey, police took the gunman's older brother ryan lanza into custody for questioning. newtown police arrived at sandy hook elementary school shortly after 9:30 in the morning. they quickly called for state backup and a s.w.a.t. team and released word to expect the worst. >> the majority of those who died today were children beautiful little kids between the ages of 5 and 10 years old. >> reporter: parents rushed to pick up their children. >> there's 20 parents that were just told their children are dead. >> reporter: while the investigation continues it is already one of the worst mass shootings in u.s. history. counselors were on site this afternoon and a vigil was held tonight at a nearby church and many people here saying that this town will never be the same again. in newtown, connecticut, ines ferre, now back to you. >>> newtown, connecticut, is in the southwestern part of the state. it's roughly 80 miles northeast of new york city. the population is about 27,500 people and encompasses will 60 squ
pay for a new bus to replace the old one. the same principle applies to rail transit. hoboken pass station was flooded and coming back to service after weeks after the storm, should we put the station back together with the same exact vulnerability to flooding? or should we rebuild in a way that would prevent such extensive flood damage in the future? of course we should rebuild to protect against future storms. it seems to me it is not only common sense but for my friends who are fiscal hawks the reality is is more fiscally responsible to ultimately in sure that we don't have repetitive loss, that we don't have economic consequences, that we don't have human consequences as a result of simply going back to that which was. with a smart investment we can prevent hundreds of millions of future damages to the transit system. to understand the importance of rebuilding in a way that hardens our infrastructure and makes us more resilient, let me begin by laying out some facts to the damage to our region. based on preliminary estimates and i underscore that, 300,000 homes in new jersey al
this investigation right now. nifs hoboken, new jersey, late last night. hoboken, new jersey, was the site of an active scene. bomb squad members, the fbi there, why? they were looking at the apartment of 24-year-old ryan lanza. apparently adam lanza had his brother's i.d. on him. his i.d. was on the body of adam lanza. so they went to ask the brother some questions and were talking to him. they also removed materials from that apartment. just one of the aspects of the confusion yesterday during this investigation. ali? >> reporter: that did add a lot of confusion to this whole episode. they took him into custody, the brother, and they were interviewing the father. it has now been almost 24 hours since the unimaginable happened here in newtown, connecticut. it all started when a gunman entered through the doors of sandy hook elementary school. we are awaiting a press conference, you're looking at that right now. it has not begun, but i do want to give those of you who have joined us a sense of what happened. tom foreman walks us through what happened yesterday morning minute by minute. >>
station in lower manhattan and hoboken terminal are two facilities that the fda had already just put hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars and and were -- sustained extraordinary damage. our staff knows those buildings. we know what went in them. we worked with the same staff rather than how fema staff come in and go into a relationship on rebuilding. we think there is a benefit to the taxpayer to have the fta still involved in that. we will save time and money because we do. >> finally, madam secretary, let me go back to a, you made -- comment you made about having the resources necessary to understand and rely upon so that a community or an individual or a business can make and inform -- make an informed decision, depending upon or relying upon that that decision will be funded at the end of the day. whether the consequences of not having the resources -- what are the consequences of not having the resources under which you would make those decisions? >> the recovery will take longer. as you wait longer, it becomes more expensive. that is why it is critical, and we have seen thi
with his body still inside the school. this is a live shot of hoboken, new jersey, where we believe the shooter lived and where the father's body is, we believe. the shooter took the lives of 20 children and many adults. president obama ordering ins to fly at half staff. in the meantime sources telling the associated press the suspected shooter's girlfriend and another friend are missing and that his brother is being held as a possible second shooter. molly has more. >> i am at a secondary scene the authorities have talked about, in the community where the home of the shooter's mother is, nancy, who has been confirmed dead. there is one body in the home. authorities continue to have this neighborhood blocked down and you can see the yellow tape here. before we came here we got out in the sandy hook community, the people that surround that school, the businesses, and as you can imagine they are just going to come to grips with the pain they will feel in the coming days particularly with the numbers confirmed that 20 children are dead. we had a chance to speak with a number of the bus
a history of mental conditions. he lives in hoboken, new jersey. we don't know what the nature of that illness is. and, of course, you know, the young man did not purchase the gun his mother did. but even if he had tried to purchase them himself, merely having medical problems wouldn't stop him. you have to be found mentally ineffective by a judge. that's the term of art that's found in the federal statute. but, in any event, it was his mother who purchased the guns. >> we do not know if his mother and he lived alone? was it just the two of them? >> we believe they were divorced. that the father was not living there. and i don't know whether anyone was living in the house in addition to adam lanza and his mother. >> we were told he was dressed in dark clothing and wearing a mask. can you confirm that, pete? >> i've not heard anything about a mask, but i am told he was dressed all in black, that eegt reelgt. >> nbc, pete williams, thank you for your reporting tonight. >> you bet. >> more on this terrible tragedy in connecticut ahead. don't go over 2000... 1200 calories a day. ca
. the shooter has been identified as which-year-old adam lanza of hoboken, new jersey. he was an honor student who may have suffered from personality disorder armed with 4 weapons and was wearing a bullet proof vest when he marched on to that campus with the intent to kill. witnesses say he didn't upary word. we have steps i have coverage on this tonight. chris cuomo takes us through what happened. >> this morning the sandy hook elementary ask full of kids concerned about christmas. then at 9:40 am shots rang out. >> all units the individual that i have on the phone continuing to hear what he believes to be gunfire. >>reporter: inside little kids are under attack. >> heard this racket at our classroom. >>reporter: horrible things happening. teachers make sure they are safe and then do the unimaginable. >> what did the teacher do the then. >> she read us some books and we talked about things and played little games in there. >>reporter: did you hear any more bad noises. >> yes. >>reporter: teacher calm matched by a storm of police activity. word of 2 shatters spark searches of the surrou
is not being called a suspect. from his apartment in hoboken, new jersey. we understand the father was also questioned by authorities here in the newtown, connecticut area. the father is divorced from nancy lanza. she is the mother of the two who is a schoolteacher and counted among the dead. her body was found in a residence here in the newtown area, as well. believe it or not, piers, the weapons according to authorities were owned by the mother, nancy lanza in this case. not by the shooter. still trying to piece together a motive. there are signs we are hearing from our sources that the shooter may have suffered from some kind of personality disorder. did he leave notes behind? did he tell anyone what he was planning to do? among the many questions that we all have tonight. >> susan candiotti, thank you very much indeed. i want to turn to ashleigh banfield. she's in newtown, connecticut as well. i was watching when you were speaking to wolf blitzer and you became very emotional. two of your children went to school in connecticut and you were not sure what was happening with them. thankful
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